Professor Yung Wei, political scientist, Cabinet member and legislator, passed away at the age of 68 on March 3, 2004.

     He was a young scholar that Premier Chiang Ching-Kuo specially recruited from abroad in 1975 while he was doing research at Hoover Institution, Stanford University.  Professor Wei first served at one of the foremost thinktank of the ROC, the International Relations Center of National Cheng Chi University where he was the deputy director in charge of promoting international academic exchange.  Subsequently he served as the chairman of the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), Executive Yuan (Cabinet).  At the RDEC, he was credited to have introduced many of the theories and methods of policy science and behavioral sciences to administration reforms in the government of the Republic of China, especially in the areas of policy planning and computer application in government work.

     In terms of academic achievements, he was an outstanding behavioral scientists who had taught at various universities here and in the U.S. and served as the President of Chinese Association of Political Science (1988-1993).  He was the creator of cross-strait relations theories such as ¡§Multi-System Nation,¡¨ ¡§Linkage Communities,¡¨ and ¡§Intra-National Commonwealth¡¨ and left many published and unpublished papers and books.

     In this memorial website you may share many of Professor Wei¡¦s papers, art work, especially Chinese brush paintings, photos and also memorial essays which document his accomplished and eventful life.